Jimmy Accomazzo founded the Accomazzo Company in 1968 in Tolleson AZ, primarily as a cotton farm that used alfalfa as a rotation crop. In 1987, Jimmy changed the course of the family business, as he recognized the ever-expanding need for hay in the winter months when good, fine-quality baled alfalfa hay was significantly more difficult to produce. Over the next few years, he built a series of hay barns to store the hay, rather than sell it all in the summer months like the other hay farms. This proved to be a monumental decision that determined the future direction of the family business. Now the company could provide premium fine-quality baled hay to customers when others could not. With the understanding that Tolleson hay is Tolleson hay, and doesn’t grow differently on his farm than others, Jimmy set out to farm it better, cleaner, and more efficiently. The Accomazzo Company would give its customers exactly what they ask for when others could or simply would not. Since Jimmy’s passing in 1993, the Accomazzo family has expanded these core ideals. The family strives for excellence in agriculture, and their legacy is to leave the ground in better shape than they found it.

A few words about us

Jimmy’s oldest son, Wade, now the owner of The Accomazzo Company family business, carries on the legacy. He is putting his agriculture business management degree from the University of Arizona to work directing the company into the next generation. With advancement in technologies and new farming practices, the company is advancing beyond its core goals to provide quality and excellence. While managing the overall direction of the company, Wade is also active in the agriculture community, serving on boards and councils.

Art Gomez, the farm manager, oversees the day-to-day operation of all aspects on the company’s three farm locations. He provides valuable knowledge and consultation in all phases of the farming business.

Kimberly Herrera, the office manager, handles the day-to-day business operation. She is one our main contacts for retail hay sales.

Our standards

The most unique part of our farming practice is our reputation for clean, well-manicured farms. We have a penchant for clean, neat landscapes, and pay equal attention to how things look, even during production and harvesting.


Wade Accomazzo (R) continues the legacy started by his father, Jimmy Accomazzo.